Refunds will not be given by The Albert Hall, unless the performance is cancelled.
You only need to bring your ticket, and/or booking reference with you. If you booked online, or over the phone, you should have either a printed ticket, or a mobile/e-ticket. You should also have a booking reference. If you booked in person, you should have a paper ticket. If you are unsure, please do get in touch, and we will assist you.
Try to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the performance to allow time to use our facilities, buy a drink, and get settled into your seats.
We understand that arriving late is sometimes unavoidable. Upon arrival please make yourself known to a Steward who will advise you when to enter the theatre. Please note: It is likely that the theatre will be in total darkness and an usher will escort you to your seat by torchlight. Bar Facilities are likely to be unavailable whilst the performance is running.
No, there is no dress code. We welcome everyone through our doors and want our audiences to feel comfortable. We are a family, and community theatre, so something sensible must be worn. There are times however, when a performance does require a certain dress code but we'll communicate this to you in advance.
If Programmes are available, you can purchase them from the stewards, at the Auditorium entry points.
If the bar is open, Drinks, Snacks, and Ice Creams will be available from the bar in the Lesser Hall. Ice creams will also be on sale during the interval, in the auditorium. If the bar is not open, and refreshments & drinks are for sale, they will be available from the kiosk in the foyer.
Our toilet facilities can be found at the sides of the foyer. Female toilets to the left side of the foyer as you enter. Male toilets to the right side of the foyer as you enter. Our Accessible/Unisex toilet, can be found on the left side of the auditorium, next to the accessible entrance. If you cannot find the facilities, please ask one of our friendly stewards.
Unfortunately, we do not have a cloakroom here at The Albert Hall. Therefore, please only bring what you need with you, as you will need to keep your belongings with you at all times.
We want everyone to be able to enjoy the performance so please respect those around you inside the theatre. How an audience is expected to act also depends on what you are seeing. Talking, singing, humming and clapping can be distracting for other people if done at an inappropriate moment. Clapping should generally be saved for between acts or sets. Some shows have encore pieces, and this is the time when people can clap and sing along as the actual performance has finished. During the show, coming and going to and from your seats should be avoided unless it’s in an emergency. Our ushers will be able to help you with any questions or issues that you may have.
While we do allow snacks, and soft drinks into the theatre, eating during the show may disturb others so we ask you do this before or after a show. You must not bring your own alcohol to the theatre. If alcohol is allowed at the performance, it can be purchased from our bar. Please ensure you keep mess to a minimum, clean up anything you drop, and use our bins provided.
No, the hall's policy states that unless we announce otherwise, photography and filming is not permitted in the theatre once a show has started out of respect to the performers. We do however, encourage all patrons to have pre-show theatre selfie; tag us @TheAlbertHallLW on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you want to take professional photography or film for any reason then you must seek prior permission from us.
Children under 18 months will be admitted for free, to all events, unless otherwise stated, on the condition that they will sit on a parent, or guardian's lap. Should you, or your child, wish for them to sit in their own seat, then a ticket will need to be purchased. If a child ticket is on sale for the event, then this will be suitable.

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