Food and Drink


Our Bar, located in the Lesser Hall, is open for all Commercial Touring Productions and Tribute Shows, and for most Albert Hall Fundraising Events.

Our bar provides a diverse selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including a variety of hot beverages. We also offer light snacks and frozen desserts to pair perfectly with our drinks. Although our menu is simple, it ensures a refreshing and fulfilling experience for all patrons.

The Kiosk

Our Kiosk, is located in the foyer, is open for all Film Screenings for The Albert Hall’s Accessible Cinema.

The kiosk offers a variety of affordable drinks and snacks, including popcorn, chocolate, ice cream (or sorbet), and soft drinks. These treats are designed to enhance the cinema experience, and provide an enjoyable visit for all visitors.

Food and Drink Options at other events

For the majority of events, either our Bar’1896 or The Kiosk will be open. However, for Amateur & Local Events, such as Radnor YFC and LWTC events, these event organisers may choose to provide their own refreshments, either sold in the foyer, auditorium, or from our Kiosk. Therefore, we cannot assume responsibility for any issues or the absence of refreshments during these events, and all complaints should be directed to the event organiser, not the venue.

Bring your own Policy

Whilst we encourage you to purchase your drinks, and snacks on site as this supports the venue, we appreciate that you may want to bring your own, excluding Alcohol.

If you are bringing your own food and drink, please:

  • Do NOT bring any Hot Food or Strong Smelling Food, into the building, as you will be asked to leave.
  • Place all rubbish into the bins provided, or take it home with you.
  • Do NOT bring your own Alcohol (of any kind), as you will be asked to leave. The only alcohol to be consumed on site, is that sold from our Bar’1896.
  • Ensure any hot drinks are in a suitable, sealed cup to ensure they do not leak, or cause burns.

Failure to abide by these basic rules, may result in individuals being asked to leave the premises. This is to ensure the safety of other patrons, and to enhance the experience for everyone. Thank you for understanding.