Genesis Visible Touch: Longs and Shorts

Friday 8th November 2024 @ 8:00PM

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Throughout 2024, Genesis Visible Touch are bringing their LONGS AND SHORTS set list to audiences throughout the UK.

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Appealing to fans of 80s pop, rock and classic prog, you will hear all the hits (shorts) such as:
Invisible Touch/I Can’t Dance/Land of Confusion

You will hear the classics (longs) such as:
Dance on a Volcano/Home by the Sea/Domino

Everything which which propelled Genesis to superstardom from ‘The Ultimate Collins-Era Genesis Show’!

About the Band:

GVT are the world’s most exciting, Phil Collins-Era, Genesis Show.

They have been entertaining crowds for 7 years with all the hits, Invisible Touch/I Can’t Dance/Land of Confusion as well as the progressive classics such as Dance on a Volcano/Home by the Sea/Domino which propelled Genesis to superstardom.

Garnering rave reviews from concert goers, they have built a reputation for playing with a fire and energy not seen since the original band was in their heyday. GVT are known for not only their purposeful performances but also so their obvious and contagious joy when playing. According to their followers, Genesis Visible Touch’s dedication to the spirit of the original music is unmatched.

Frontman Chris O’Connell’s boundless energy and vocals immediately invoke the spirit of the powerhouse performances of Mr. Collins himself.

Russ Wilson creates an immense and forceful translation of Chester Thompsons drum parts whilst sprinkling a touch of Collins as well his own unique twists, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

The towering Martin Gordon ably plays the parts of Mike Rutherford, down to the glorious doubleneck work, and bass pedals to boot!

The fleet-fingered Stuart Norman recreates the angular and tricky Stuermer guitar tones and licks with supreme authority and aplomb.

GVT’s own Tony Turrell does the original absolute justice with his tone selection and masterclass level playing and musicianship.

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Dates and Times

Dates and Times


Friday 8th November 2024 at 8:00PM

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