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Contact us

Get in touch with our friendly team of volunteers. We ask that, unless in emergency situations, you only call our volunteers, between 9am and 7pm.

For General Enquiries:


   Facebook: @AlbertHallTheatre

   Phone: 07836 268700 – Jon (our Chair)

Please note: We are all volunteers, and therefore, we may not answer your email, message, or call straight away, but we aim to do so, within 72 hours.

For Booking Enquiries:

Please visit our Booking Page for more information. 

To make an enquiry, Please contact our Booking Secretary, Ben:


   Phone: 07974 026548

Please note: Due to work commitments, I may not answer my emails or phone straight away. Please leave a message, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In an Emergency:

   01597 824405 (Ros and Mike), or

   07836 268700 (Jon)

Postal Address:

If you need to post any correspondence to The Albert Hall, or The Albert Hall Management Committee, please contact us, using the above details. We can then, advise you which address to send it to.


If you discover any issues with our website, please contact our webmaster:


Hysbysiadau coronafeirws

Coronavirus announcement

O’r diwedd mae Neuadd Albert yn AILAGOR!!

Am y wybodaeth ddiweddaraf, ewch i’n tudalen Coronavirus.

The Albert Hall is finally REOPENING!!

For the latest information, please visit our Coronavirus page.