Myths And Facts

The Albert Hall was built as a multi-purpose hall in 1896 and established as a theatre in 1922 and is a grade II listed building. The hall is registered with the Charities Commission to provide and maintain facilities for use by the inhabitants of Llandrindod Wells and neighbouring areas with the objective of improving the condition of life for its users.

Who owns The Albert Hall?

MYTH: The Albert Hall is owned by Llandrindod Wells Theatre Company.

FACT:  YOU, the people of Llandrindod, own the Albert Hall, it is a community-run building and the deeds are held by the Charity Commission.

Who runs the Albert Hall?

MYTH: Powys pay for staff to run the hall.

FACT: The Albert Hall is run by a management committee made up of local volunteers. Whilst we are in receipt of funds from the Town Council, the hall does not receive funding from Powys County Council unless it applies for a specific grant for financial assistance.

Who can book the hall?

MYTH: I can’t use the hall – I’m not an organisation.

FACT: The Hall is owned by the people of Llandrindod – it is open to anyone for hire, subject to conditions of hire. Different charges apply to local organisations and outside profit making events who book the facilities. Please contact secretary for details.

How does The Albert Hall make money?

MYTH: The Albert Hall has loads of money, and makes profit on all shows like pantomime and YFC competitions.

FACT: The Albert Hall is a charity with extremely low funds. Currently it makes little, or no, money from events held there. As a community hall and non-profit making organisation it’s income comes from hiring fees and the occasional self-funded event. The committee apply for grants to various trusts to maintain up keep of the building but due to the economic climate these are becoming more difficult to obtain.

What facilities are available to me?

MYTH: It’s a theatre and only theatre events take place at the Albert Hall.

FACT: The hall is predominantly used for theatre events but can be available for all sorts of entertainments / concerts and meetings.  We also have a small meeting room which we can make available for small parties/ rehearsals or meetings. If you would like to hold an event at the Albert Hall, please speak to our secretary for details and full list of facilities available.

How can you help us?

Spread the word and support all the events held at The Albert Hall.

This is YOUR hall, run BY the town, FOR the town.

If events are not supported we run the risk of losing this iconic facility.

The committee is dedicated to promoting and maintaining this wonderful building and has a mission to:-

Create and maintain

a high quality venue with excellent amenities.

Engage with service users

to provide facilities and entertainment for all of our community.

Maximise financial opportunities

 to ensure sustainability for future generations.

Our vision is to keep this facility available for the town


But to do this

we need you logo

& your support. 

Thank You

Llandrindod Wells