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Behind The Scenes | The Albert Hall

Behind The Scenes

Vice Chairs report 2015

Looking to the year ahead:

– Ah Friends is up and running and we hope to send out our first e-newsletter in March to welcome our new members. 

– Following our recent fire survey, we have met with the church and are awaiting a meeting with the Theatre Company, before implementing some of the required changes. 

– The website has proved to be quite challenging, however we are looking into changing the software used for website design which will hopefully allow us to become more active in promoting our activities. 

– We are continuing to work through the outcomes from energy survey, and will need to identify the next target areas over the coming months. 

– During the course of this year we hope to review the constitution to ensure an up-to-date list of organisations are included – meanwhile, Martyn and Phil are continuing to visit said organisations to encourage their attendance at committee meetings, as well as use and support of the Hall. 

– Fundraising will still be high on the agenda; already we have plans for another talent night, a proms evening, another quiz and more open mic nights, some of which will require the set up of sub-committees to organise. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped out throughout the year, it is difficult to run such a big facility on volunteers but we really appreciate the time and effort everyone puts in.

Llandrindod Wells